WineMaster C50SR
Cooling Volume up to 50m³
Unit Type Monoblock
Heater & Winter System Included
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The Cellar Conditioning Unit, WINEMASTER C50SR provides cooling for cellars up to 50m³ in size and helps to transform a well-insulated room into a real wine cellar. This Wine Cellar Conditioning Unit has the same features and benefits as the WINE MASTER C50S Wine Cellar Conditioning Unit plus the added feature of a frost belt (Winter System)

The features and benefits of the WineMaster C50SR include:

  • Winter system function for a cold start
  • Heating function so that temperatures do not drop too low
  • Wine protection from excessive light with a built-in night light
  • Easy installation with its wooden set-in frame
  • Large numbers of wines can be stored with the Winemaster C50SR cooling 50m³
  • The best wine cellar conditions with temperatures maintained between 13 and 16°C
  • Excellent humidity control with the condensation of moisture excess and removal to the outside
  • Quiet in operation with anti-vibration system with elements mounted on rubber shock absorbers
  • Power consumption controlled by the fans on the condenser side
  • Ecological coolant gas used that does not contain CFCs
  • Dimensions of the device enable installation in cellars, attics or other underutilised areas of your home
  • Easy maintenance with a dust filter change recommended once a year



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We also provide useful information on the cleaning of the products that you purchase from us including the cleaning of filters in our wine cellar conditioning units.


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