Protecting your Wine – Wine Cooler for Collections Large and Small

At Vino Master, we offer long term, premium solutions for wine preservation and service that respect the winemaker’s intentions and enable faithful communication of these same intentions to demanding and discerning consumers.

Whether you have one bottle, or a thousand, your wine needs to be kept in premium condition by being stored in the right environment. Fortunately, at Vino Master, you can select from a wide range of cabinets in various sizes and finishes, for the home, the collector and for commercial establishments.

The smallest integrated cabinet is just 145mm wide and will store 8 bottles in your kitchen, compared with our largest single cabinet that will store over 300 bottles.


For your peace of mind, Vino Master have researched cabinet manufacturers from across the world, only offering cabinets that are proven to give reliable and durable service.


Different cabinets offer a range of shelving options and temperature control including Mono, Dual and Multi to suit your needs. When it comes to kitchen design, there are a number of integrated cabinets that also give you the option of attaching your own furniture panels.

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