Wine Wall C2V 13S



HEIGHT (mm) 1891
WIDTH (mm) 860
DEPTH (mm) 530


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Wine Wall C2V 13S Cornice


The C2V 13S has a panel at the rear and is, therefore, best placed against a wall. The Wine Wall C2V 13S is equipped with an innovative refrigeration system based on the positioning of the cooling coil in the centre of the display case.


This system, in addition to ensuring the best storage conditions, made it possible to use glass on all sides and consequently the maximum visibility of the bottles on display.


A wine display from Vino Master will provide you with a beautiful showcase for your wine collection, bringing it into the limelight and allowing you to access your wine with ease and comfort.

Whether you require a beautiful display for your home or are looking to create a stunning wine feature for your hotel or restaurant, we can provide you with an impressive design statement that will leave a memorable impression to all who visit.


With temperature control a standard feature, our Wine Wall C2V 13S Cornice is suitable for all types of wine with variable temperatures available in some models to allow a mix of white, red, rose and sparkling wines. Clever and subtle LED lighting combined with specialist shelving to your specification accentuates the wine bottles within the display.

Vino Master will guide you through each stage once your order has been placed including production updates, delivery & installation scheduling, commissioning & training (if required) and after-sales care.



With the Cornice Range, it is possible to order the cabinet with the following options, prices on request



  • Champagne Display
  • Coloured LED Lights
  • Anti-Fog Doors




A quick note about us: We offer a wide range of exclusive products, services and solutions. Vino Master is a division of Elextric based in London, Specialists in electrical engineering and the construction of temperature-controlled environments. Bespoke FridgesCorner FridgeLarder FridgeCold RoomsFlower Rooms, Wine Cellars, Wine Conditioning Equipments, Wine Cabinets, Wine Rooms, Wine Dispensing Equipments. We offer solutions, Not just product and services.

Manufactured in

Unit Type

Colour / Finish

Black, Chestnut, Loft Wenge, Teak, White

Bottle Capacity







Temp Control



5 amp UK plug fitted



All our wine cabinets including Wine Wall, as well as our wine cellar conditioning units, are supplied with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty (UK mainland only).


By purchasing from Vino Master you have peace of mind as we also give a two-year guarantee/product registration.


With a ‘no quibble’, two year electrical/mechanical fault guarantee (UK mainland only), our products are engineered to offer many years of service and reliability. You can rest assured that in the unlikely event of your appliance failing, we are simply a quick telephone call away and we will have an engineer out to you at the earliest opportunity so that your appliance will be up and running again quickly.


We also provide useful information on the cleaning of the products that you purchase from us including the cleaning of filters in our wine cellar conditioning units.


Vino Master extended warranties are available for a 12 month or 24 months terms and conditions apply.


For backorders, delivery will usually be 4-6 weeks and for in-stock orders 10 working days of acceptance of the order.

We do not guarantee any particular delivery date until we have made final delivery arrangements with you, which we will do when the item is received at our warehouse from the manufacturer.

Deliveries are made direct to site by arrangement Monday to Friday (holidays excepted) between 7.30 am and 5.00 pm. No time for delivery is guaranteed; timing statements are estimates only as routes are planned in the most logical and cost-effective way.

We bear the cost of delivery to addresses on UK mainland.

We make a delivery surcharge on the UK mainland in the following circumstances:-

  • For delivery guaranteed to take place to comply with customers’ requirements concerning timing.
  • If it is not possible to effect delivery at the first attempt on the date advised for delivery.
  • Delivery to a location other than a ground floor. We deliver only to a ground floor unless special arrangements have been made with us.
  • We also make a surcharge for a UK delivery off UK mainland and for delivery to a location outside the UK.
  • You must make and pay for any necessary arrangements for delivery vehicles to comply with parking restrictions, this includes any congestion charges.


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