New WineMaster C25S Perfect Heat. Empower Wine Conditioning Unit
Cooling Volume up to 25m³
Unit Type Monoblock
Heater & Winter System Heater Only
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WineMaster C25s

The WineMaster C25S offers the same great features and benefits as the WineMaster C25 plus a heating function specifically designed to prevent temperatures from dropping too low.


Whether you’re a home wine enthusiast or a professional wine retailer with over 100,000 bottles per year, the WineMaster C25s offers the perfect answer to your cooling control needs. The WineMaster C25s is perfect for cooling wine cellars and rooms up to 25m³ in size, enhancing the quality and taste of stored wine. Armed with the latest in innovative design, it is a real space saver too, creating the best possible conditions for a wine-lover at the table.


The main features of the WineMaster C25S include:

  • Heating function so that temperatures do not drop too low
  • 2 adjustable speeds controlled by the thermostat
  • 90% electrical efficiency with a brush-less engine
  • Rubber shock absorbers for quiet operating (At 1m to 3m expect 45dB to 40dB)
  • Eco-friendly with no CFCs
  • Electronic thermostat with easy to read digital display
  • Cold production can be manually stopped with a standby mode
  • Easy installation with a wooden frame supplied as standard
  • Low and easy maintenance will a single dust filter requiring cleaning and replacement annually
  • Wooden frame external dimensions (mm) 374h x 514w x 150d
  • Gas – R449A
  • Cooling Power 500 W
  • Electrical Power 400 W
  • Heating Power 250 W
  • WineMaster C25S is supplied with 3pins UK plug 5 Amp fused


When choosing a place in the home for a wine cellar, temperature control is top of the list.

For those who demand perfect, long-term storage, a dedicated insulated and air-conditioned room are ideal. Almost any available space in your home can be used whether it’s a basement, an out-building or a garage. It simply needs to be insulated so that the appropriate wine conditioning equipment can be installed to control temperature and humidity.


Maintenance of your cellar and Wine Conditioning Unit

Regular temperature checks let you know your cellar and conditioning unit is protecting your wine. The conditioning unit must always have a clear air intake, and outflow, and it will provide great service for many years. The conditioning unit dust filter should be cleaned every 3 months and renewed every 12 months for hygienic operation.


Noise Levels

All conditioning units we supply have the lowest operating noise levels in their class, the WineMaster Conditioning Unit being the quietest at 38dB in regulated testing conditions. With the introduction of the latest eco-friendly refrigerant gases, gurgling sounds may become more noticeable or frequent from time to time, and this is perfectly normal. For an even quieter, peaceful environment, ask us about our Split Unit options which take noise levels down to 30dB or less.


If having your own wine cellar is not an option, there is a huge range of wine storage cabinets that provide a great solution. There are cabinets for conditioning, presentation, and serving, some cabinets with individually temperature-controlled compartments, the choice is massive. Call us for advice and to help you select the perfect cabinet for your needs.



The ideal temperature for storing wine is between 12°C and 15°C. Too much of a variation on either side and wine can be permanently damaged. Temperature fluctuation meanwhile is an even greater concern. Changes in temperature caused by a bottle being stored next to a radiator can result in an expansion and contraction of the wine which can lead to rapid deterioration. Wine conditioning units incorporated into a cellar achieve the optimum wine storage temperature as well as keep this temperature constant. Multi-temperature wine cabinets are ideal for storing wine at the optimum temperature on a smaller scale.



A slightly damp cellar is ideal as the humidity stops corks from drying out. A dry cork exposes the wine to oxygen which can cause spoilage. Keeping the bottle horizontal on specialist wine racking or in a cabinet also helps to keep the cork moist and therefore keep its shape.



Cellars should be dark as ultraviolet light destroys wine. Wine cabinets with anti-UV glass doors are also perfect for protecting wines from the light.



Frequent agitation of wines is not good for your bottles, particularly the older ones, and the wine risks deterioration.


We offer a wide range of exclusive products, services and solutions

Vino Master is a division of Elextric Ltd based in London, specialists in electrical engineering and the construction of temperature-controlled environments.



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All our wine cabinets including Wine Wall, as well as our wine cellar conditioning units, are supplied with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty (UK mainland only).

By purchasing from Vino Master you have peace of mind as we also give a two-year guarantee/product registration.

With a ‘no quibble’, two year electrical/mechanical fault guarantee (UK mainland only), our products are engineered to offer many years of service and reliability. You can rest assured that in the unlikely event of your appliance failing, we are simply a quick telephone call away and we will have an engineer out to you at the earliest opportunity so that your appliance will be up and running again quickly.

We also provide useful information on the cleaning of the products that you purchase from us including the cleaning of filters in our wine cellar conditioning units.

Vino Master extended warranties are available for 12 months or 24 months terms and conditions apply. Contact us for more details. 


For backorders, delivery will usually be 4-6 weeks and for in-stock orders 7 working days of acceptance of the order.

We do not guarantee any particular delivery date until we have made final delivery arrangements with you, which we will do when the item is received at our warehouse from the manufacturer.

Deliveries are made directly to the site by arrangement Monday to Friday (holidays excepted) between 7.30 am and 5.00 pm. No time for delivery is guaranteed; timing statements are estimates only as routes are planned in the most logical and cost-effective way.

We bear the cost of delivery to addresses on the UK mainland.

We make a delivery surcharge on the UK mainland in the following circumstances:-

  1. For delivery guaranteed to take place to comply with customers’ requirements concerning timing.
  2. If it is not possible to effect delivery at the first attempt on the date advised for delivery.
  3. Delivery to a location other than the ground floor. We deliver only to the ground floor unless special arrangements have been made with us.
  4. We also make a surcharge for a UK delivery of the UK mainland and for delivery to a location outside the UK.
  5. You must make and pay for any necessary arrangements for delivery vehicles to comply with parking restrictions, this includes any congestion charges.


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